LONDON – According to the latest reports, An inflatable blimp of ‘President Donald Trump wearing a diaper, clutching a cell phone and throwing a temper tantrum’ has been given the approval to fly near Britain’s Parliament here during the U.S. president’s visit to the United Kingdom next week.

On Thursday, London Mayor, Sadiq Khan authorized ‘the 19-foot-high orange balloon’s flight path during Trump’s three-day visit that begins July 13’. It is allowed to fly for two hours next Friday morning in central London at the same time as a “Stop Trump” demonstration takes place that is expected to draw thousands of people.

Leo Murray, the British activist behind the “Tump Baby” balloon, told British media that the idea was to try to play on Trump’s psychology. “He’s a deeply insecure man, and that is the only leverage we have over him,” Murray told The Guardian. “If we want his attention, we have to do something that humiliates him.”

Khan’s office said, “Mayor supports the right to peaceful protest and understands this can take many different forms.”

“Although Khan, 47, the first Muslim elected to lead a major Western capital city, insisted in a USA TODAY interview earlier this year that his long-running feud with Trump has a deeper context: Friends fight; it’s inevitable”, he said.

Khan said, “The reality is that the United States and the United Kingdom have a very special bond. And your expectations for your best friend are very different to what you have for an acquaintance or a friend you maybe see only every six months”.

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