Despite the Involvement in Recent Deadly Crash, Eithiopian Airlines Believes in Boeing - TNBC USA

Ethiopian Airlines still resumes belief in the potential service of Boeing despite the deadly crash of Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft which snatches 157 lives on board and pushed the model to the international rescinding, told by the CEO of the Ethiopian carrier.

Tewolde GebreMariam wrote in a statement, “ Let me be clear: Ethiopian Airlines believes in Boeing. They have been a partner of ours for many years”. Flight ET 302 terribly crashed on 10th March after a few minutes of flying to Nairobi.

This deadly crash was the second tragedy for the 737 MAX 8  following the October crash of an Indonesian Lion Air Jet in which 189 passengers and crew lost their lives on broad. Aviation regulators countered these recent crashes by rescinding the model from the service of the international airspace.

The transport minister of Ethiopia has told, “clear similarities ” exist between two crashes based on an analysis of black box data, without providing further details.

Tewolde proclaimed the rescinding for the 737 MAX 8 after the crash, but the statement of Monday hit a pacific tone towards the American aircraft manufacturer whose models cover the majority of the Ethiopian fleet.

He said, “ Despite the tragedy, Boeing and Ethiopian Airlines will continue to be linked well into the future”.

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