On Tuesday, the number of death toll from Typhoon Lekima rises to 49 and 21 were still missing after the monster storm caused havoc on Eastern Coast of China, creating huge damage with torrential rain and strong gales. 

Typhoon Lekima strikes three Chinese province of Anhui, Zhejiang, and Shandong over the weekend and forced over a million residents to refuge. 

Sources claims that around 49 people are dead with numerous still missing. 

CCTV Footage displayed flooded streets and fields, scattered debris, submerged vehicles, and trees blown over as rains and strong winds affected cities along the seaboard. 

It also caused landfall in Zhejiang, which bore the brunt of damages after the massive storm hits with winds of around 120-miles per hour and hits the coast with waves several metres in height.

It reported that rainfall in Shandong Province was the largest since records started in 1952.  

Natural Disaster has caused economic loss of around 26 billion Yuan ($3.7 Billion), said the authorities. 

Rescue team were detected on the video footage using rope and boats pulley to rescue the victims got struck over the weekend. 

Several trains and flights were cancelled due to the devastating typhoon, informed the State Broadcaster, as Shanghai, Beijing, and other major cities has grounded planes. 

Numerous tourist destinations along the coast, including Shanghai Disneyland, were closed due to the approaching storm. 

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