Deal With US For Extradition Proceedings of the Wanted Convicts Involved in 26/11 Case

Deal With US For Extradition Proceedings of the Wanted Convicts Involved in 26/11 Case

The Indian Government stated it made a deal with Washington for repatriation proceedings of the US-based individuals as India wanted to interrogate them due to direct connection with the terror attack in Mumbai. State External Affair Minister  VK Singh said the government was espoused with the opposite US authorities to bring back the individuals under the facilities of Indo-US repatriation proceedings contract of 1997.

State External Affair Minister  VK Singh said, “Most recently, a team from the National Investigation Agency visited the US on December 13-15, 2018 for discussion with the US authorities ”.

David Headley a Pakistani-American was reportedly interconnected with the plotting of the attack on November 26, 2008, in which over so many people such as 166 victims including 28 foreigners from 10  nations were brutally killed.

Making an approver in the case , David Headley is currently serving 35 years long imprisonment term in the US for his the involvement in the attack. The State External Minister VK Singh claimed the US has professed  its faithfulness towards working with its international partners to recognize and provide to justice those accountable for the Mumbai attack.

Singh said, “ During the India-US 2+2 ministerial dialogue on September 6, 2018, both sides called on Pakistan to bring to justice expeditiously the perpetrators of the Mumbai, Pathankot, Uri and other cross border terrorist attacks”.

The prosecution of a number of Pakistani terrorists reportedly involved in the attack is going on in Pakistan. India has been asking quick delivery of justice in the case.

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