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Deal of $3.5 Billion Patriot Missile Sale to Turkey Gets Approval By US

by Haimantee Ghosh | December 20, 2018

The United States claimed about the approval of the sale of $3.5 billion in missiles to Turkey, throwing an ultimatum after US  indignation over the NATO ally’s plans to purchase from Russia. The State Department said it had notified Congress of plans to purchase Turkey a Patriot package that adds 80 Patriot missiles, and 60 PAC-3 missile interrupters and associated equipment.

A statement said, “The proposed sale will increase the defensive capabilities of the Turkey military to guard against hostile aggression and shield NATO allies who might train and operate within Turkey’s borders ”.

A year ago Ankara declared a deal to buy challenger S-400 missiles from Russia,  portraying a berate from its allies in NATO- a group originated as a rampart against the Soviet Union.

The official of the State Department said that Turkey was endangering association in another US military program, the crave F-35 fighter jets, if Turkey still went ahead with the S-400 sale.

Turkey could also confront approval on defence buying under US law if it goes ahead, the official said on the state of being anonymous.

The official said, a purchase from Russia “ would have serious ramifications for US ability to do business with Turkey across the defence trade spectrum”.

He said, “ It is important that NATO countries procure military equipment that is interoperable with NATO systems. A Russian system would not meet that standard”.

The declaration has been disclosed after President Donald Trump said that the United States had subdued the Islamic State group in adjacent Syria — directing to the withdrawal of US troops, who had definitely protected the campaign of Turkey against Kurdish fighters.

There was no prompt remark that the two declarations were connected, although Trump has clearly proclaimed that the arms sales are the top preference for him.