Coronavirus Updates: Brazil becomes second country to pass 50,000 deaths - TNBC USA

After the United States, Brazil becomes the second country to have registered more than 50,000 deaths from coronavirus. The country has recorded about one million infections and the second worst-affected country all over the world struggling to control the pandemic.

Officials have warned that the peak of the outbreak in Brazil is still weeks away. According to the Ministry of Health, in the last 24 hours 641 new deaths were recorded taking the count to 50,617 along with 1,085,038 infections. America is the worst-hit country which accounts for nearly 120,000 deaths and more than 2.2 million cases. 

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro has faced severe criticism who has famously compared the virus to a “little flu”. He has opposed lockdowns and disagreed with advice from his government’s own health ministry. The increasing number of infections, couldn’t stop the supporters and opponents of Bolsonaro from taking to the streets in rival protests on Sunday. 

Anti-government demonstrators took the street and demanded for the impeachment of the President after a former aide and family friend of the President were accused of corruption. He is facing investigation for allegedly trying to interfere with the police for political motives, which he denies, while the Supreme Court is carrying out two separate inquiries into his allies.

Earlier, the Brazilian President argued that the economic impact of the measures will be much bigger than the virus itself, a position shared by many. His government declared no national lockdown but the states and cities adopted their own measures. However, the disease is spreading faster in deprived neighbourhoods and remote areas, such as indigneous communities, where access to adequate care is difficult.

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