Coronavirus Update: US to Investigate Asia's Largest Virus Bank In Wuhan - TNBC USA

A high-security bio safety laboratory located in the hilly outskirts of Wuhan is now the topic of US that claims it may be the cradle of the coronavirus pandemic.The Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is home to the China Center for Virus Culture Collection, preserves more than 1500 strains, as per the website.

In the institution there are dangerous viruses that pose a high risk of person-to-person transmission, like Ebola. This is Asia’s maximum security lab equipped to handle Class 4 pathogens. The institution has rejected all the allegations.

It took $42 million to get completed in 2015. It was finally inaugurated in 2018. The P4 lab is of 3000-square-metre. On Friday Pompeo said on Friday, Chinese authorities themselves, when they started investigating the virus, “considered whether the WIV was, in fact, the place where this came from”.

In a radio interview he said, “We know they’ve not permitted the world’s scientists to go into that laboratory to evaluate what took place there, what’s happening there, what’s happening there even as we speak.” 

The Chinese scientists claimed that the virus jumped into humans from animals, especially from a seafood market in Wuhan. But, the existence of the lab has fueled conspiracy that the germ spread from the facility. The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the US officials are doing a “full investigation” into how the virus “got out into the world”.

On Friday, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian dismissed all the allegations that the lab was responsible for the outbreak. He claimed that the US army may have brought the virus to China.

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