Coronavirus Outbreak: Iran’s Death Count Crosses 2,000, Over 40,000 Infected

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Coronavirus Outbreak: Iran’s Death Count Crosses 2,000, Over 40,000 Infected

On Monday, the number of coronavirus cases reached 2757  and the number of infections crossed  40,000. The serious outbreak that is rapidly spreading in the community, led the political opponents to criticize the President Hassan Rouhani.

The novel coronavirus, which originated  in China, has started to destroy Iran after ravaging China, Italy, US and several other countries. On  Wednesday, Tehran finally decides to ban all intercity travel until at least April 8. However, some organizations have opposed the move.

Over the past 24 hours, more than 117 people have died from the coronavirus and 3,186 new cases have been confirmed, said Health ministry spokesman Kianoush Jahanpour at a news briefing.

Kianoush Jahanpour further informed about 13,911 out  of the affected have recovered from the virus. Iran’s judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi was quoted saying,  “Coronavirus could have been more quickly contained, if the health ministry’s expert opinion regarding implementing social distancing and social limitations was considered sooner,”

Ebrahim Raisi, an ultra-conservative said that “time is of the essence” and that people started “cooperating” only after authorities appeared serious. Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, a veteran conservative and recent MP-elect who also stood against Hassan Rouhani, said that the current administration is mishandling the situation.

He tweeted, “inefficient management” pattern has become evident during the outbreak through “ignoring reality, unjustified optimism, sessions once per week and not utilising people’s potential”.

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