Clashes Broke Out Between Prisoners In Brazil, 15 Dead - TNBC USA

On Sunday, clashes between inmates took the lives of 15 prisoners at a prison in Northern Brazil’s Amazonas State, reports the regional prison authority.

The report claims that clashes broke out at 11:00 am during the time of visiting hours at the prison, located 17 miles away from the state capital Manaus.

Colonel Marcos Vinicius Almeida told source that “it was a fight between the inmates. There had never been deaths during the visits.”

A probe has been introduced to determine the cause of the battle, said Col. Almeida.

He emphasized that jail authorities had operated within minutes to the violence, which prevented a worse result.

In January 2017, same situation took place inside the prison that lasted around 20-hours and left 56 prisoners dead.

Brazil has the third-largest prison population across the world, with 726712 prisoners as of June 2016, reports official statistics.

However, the prisoner population is more than the capacity of the jail, which was estimated to be 368049 prisoners in 2016.

Along with overcrowding, prisoners in Brazil are tortured with gang violence, while break out attempts and riots are not something new in the country.

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