Chinese President Warns Taiwan

Chinese President Warns Taiwan

Beijing March20- The President of China Xi Jinping has sent a very strong message to the self ruled Taiwan recently to stop it’s separatism policy or face the wrath of China. He has described the punishment as the ‘ punishment of history’ . He warned Taiwan for its repetitive acts of indulgence in separatism. China’s enmity with Taiwan began during the presidential election of Tsai –Ing wen in 2016 who was the leader of Democratic Progressive Party . Jiping accused Tsai for instigating the separatist s and he feared that her activity could cross the red line of Communist party. Tsai however, told the media that she always wanted to maintain the status quo and she was also in favour of restoring peace and harmony among the common people.

U.S. president Donald Trump angered the president of China by signing a new legislation last week that would encourage the senior officials of the USA to visit Taiwan and exchange each other’s views. Jinping also added that China would not allow any separatist force to split the country and they would get a punishment of history . According to the Chinese media sources Taiwan welcomed the idea of U.S. president Donald Trump’s idea of supporting their country but the Foreign Ministry sources of Taiwan said it was absolutely baseless and no US senior official paid any visit to Taiwan for bilateral talks.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on March 20, 2018

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