China Will Not Allow To Discuss Hong Kong Matter At G-20 Summit - TNBC USA

Chinese Assistant Foreign Affairs Minister Zhang said that China will not allow the Group of 20 nations for discussing the Hong Kong issue at the summit this week. Millions of people exemplified to the mainland to confront trial in courts controlled by the Communist Party.

It provoked the most violent protests in decades while police fired rubber bullets and tear gas to broadcast the crowds. The repatriation bill and police feedback to the protestation extracted international condemnation from rights groups.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and the US President Donald Trump will meet at the G-20 summit in the Japanese city of Osaka this week amid increasing tensions between the two largest economies of the world.

Chinese Assistant Foreign Affairs Minister Zhang said, “what I can tell you for sure is that G20 will not discuss the Hong Kong issue. We will not allow the G20 to discuss the Hong Kong issue ”.

Zhang also claimed, “Hong Kong is China’s special administrative region. Hong Kong matters are purely an internal affair due China. No foreign country has a right to interfere.

He also added, “no matter at what venue, using any method, we will not permit any country or person to interfere in China’s internal affairs. ”

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