China joined in the space race with the US by launching Mars probe - TNBC USA

China launched the Tianwen-1 spacecraft to March on Thursday joining the space race with the US showing its power into deep space.

Taking advantage of the Earth and Mars distance during this period. The US probe liftoff is due on 30th July. Also, the United Arab Emirates launched a probe on Monday which will orbit the red planet once the craft reaches the destination.

China named the mission Tianwen-1 (Question to Heaven) in a nod to a classical Chinese poem that has verses about the cosmos. The Probe is expected to reach Mars in February after seven months through space, completing 55 million kilometers. After reaching the destination the craft will land on the planet surface and will release a small rover which will help to conduct research of the surface.

This is not China’s first attempt to a mission to Mars. The previous mission with Russia in 2011 failed because of the Russian Launcher was unable to launch the spacecraft into a transfer orbit to slingshot toward mars. The following failure, china decided to go on its own.

The Six Wheeler rover weighing 240 Kilogram, equipped with four solar panels. The rover will roam the planet surface for three months and will analyze the soil, atmosphere, take pictures, and will chart a map and look for signs of any past life.

China has injected millions of dollars into its space program to catch up with the US, Russia, and Europe. In 2003, China became the third country to send human into space. it has launched a slew satellite into orbit to set up its own navigation system, to rival the US GPS system.

That’s not the end, The Asian giant is also planning to build a space station by 2022 in Earth’s orbit.

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