Mainland China has reported zero new domestic infections of coronavirus for the first time since the outbreak began. On Thursday, China’s National Health Commission said Hubei province, where the disease first emerged, recorded no new COVID-19 cases. However, it also said 34 new confirmed coronavirus cases were reported but they were all from those arriving from abroad. 

Wuhan, which was the birthplace of the disease, also reported zero cases on Wednesday. The Health Commission of the Hubei Province said that the total confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus disease in Wuhan and Hubei remained at 50,005 and 67,800 respectively on Wednesday.

The total number of imported cases in China rose to 189 after 34 confirmed cases. China has reported a total of 80,928 so far out of which 3,245 died, while 70,420 patients were discharged after treatment. 

The infection has turned into a global pandemic which continues to rise. Italy has reported 3,526 new cases overnight, Germany 4,070 and Spain 4,719. The United States has also reported 1,875 new cases. The global number has shot past 200,000, with more than 8,700 deaths. 

President Xi Jinping visited Wuhan for the first time on March 10 since the outbreak began and declared that the spread of the disease was “basically curbed.”

According to the WHO, the epicentre of the pandemic has now moved to Europe, where cases in Italy and other countries on the continent have soared. “Now Europe is experiencing the first wave of outbreak. The number of confirmed cases will be still climbing. I suggest they take stronger measures to contain. They should test and quarantine the families and close contacts of infected people, don’t wait for the symptoms to show up,” said Zhong Nanshan, a leading Chinese epidemiologist.

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