China Presents Striking Approaches On Tech, Trade Discussions Programme - TNBC USA

China has made exceptional approaches in discussions with the United States on a scale of issues along with comprehensive technology transfer as both sides work to prevail over the remaining obstacles to an agreement to end their extended trade war, informed by the US officials.

US President Donald Trump enforced tariffs on $250 billion of Chinese imports in the last year in a significant move to force China to change the track it does business with the rest of the world and to probe open more Chinese economy to US companies.

The demands of the US President, are for Beijing to end the operation which Washington claims result in the systematic theft of intellectual property of US and menaced the transfer of US technology to the Chinese firms.

China presented approaches on the table in the discussions which went further than in the past, including on technology transfer, told by one of four senior US administration officials who spoke to media.

The negotiator has made development on the details of the written agreement which have been chopped out to address US concerns. The official told raising the condition of anonymity, “ If you look at the texts a month ago compared to today, we have moved forward in all areas. We aren’t yet where we want to be”.

He said, “ They’re talking about forced technology transfer in a way that they’ve never wanted to talk about before – both in terms of scope and specifics” referring to the Chinese negotiators. He refused to disclose further detail.

The media previously reported that both sides were performing on written deals in six areas, including cyber theft, intellectual property rights, technology transfer agriculture, currency and the non-tariff railing to trade.

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin reach in Beijing for another round of discussions with the Chinese officials to work on the agreement that would end a months-long trade war which has cost both sides billions of dollars and hit the economic growth globally.

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