China Outrages As US Declares To Resort “All Resources” For Imposing Ban On Masood Azhar - TNBC USA

China thrashed out at the US as it threatened to use “ all available resources” to enlist Pakistan-based JEM Chief Masood Azhar as a “global terrorist”, claiming the crucial move of Washington is muddling the issue and not favorable for the resolution of peace and stability in South Asia.

After China detained a French proposal for designating JEM Chief Masood Azhar under the 1267 AL Qaida Sanctions Committee of the Council, the US on March 27 spread a draft rectification to the 15-nation-based council for blacklisting Masood Azhar and enforced a travel ban on him, seizing the assets and a weapons embargo.

Chinese Foreign Ministry representative Geng Shuang told a media instructing that China is ratifying a constructive, as well as rational stand on this particular issue of banning JEM Chief, for making a resolution of this matter properly.

The Foreign Ministry representative of China was responding to a question about the State Department representative’s declaration that the US will use all “available resources” for blacklisting Masood Azhar.

As per the report, the US told it will resort all available resources for ensuring Jaish-e-Mohammed leader Masood Azhar held as an account of the terror activity.

The State Department was replying to China taunting France, the US and the United Kingdom for presenting a resolution draft at the UNSC as “ not a constructive move” and that it represents a disgraceful example.

China criticized the US outspokenly raising the issue of designating Masood Azhar as global terrorists to Un Security Council after it had imposed a technical detainment on the US, French and UK resolution earlier for proclaiming him as an international terrorist in the 1267 Approvals Committee of UN manipulating the counter-terrorism issues.

As fast as possible China prevented the crucial move of the designing Masood Azhar as a “global terrorist” in recent years for four times.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry representative told massive majority among the UNSC members think that initiatives should be made under the 1267 Approvals Committee to deal with this designation through conference and pledge instead of presenting the draft resolution at the UNSC.

He also repeated, “ Also, China has been working hard with relevant sides and is making positive results. The US knows that very well. Under such circumstances, the US still insists on pushing the draft resolution, doesn’t make any sense”.

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