China Notifies 2 Travel Alert For US

by Haimantee Ghosh June 4, 2019

China proceeded a  pair of travel alerts to its citizens going to the United States, alerting them about police annoyance and crime. the alerts come amid an increasing trade war between the two largest economies and other concerns, along with trading points of human rights records.

State media reported, mentioning a statement from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism ., “ recently, shootings, robberies, and thefts have occurred frequently in the United States”.

The statement requested Chinese tourists to “fully assess the risk” and improve their awareness of safety and security;

In a different warning, the foreign ministry of China said the US law enforcement agencies have “repeatedly” used methods like as immigration and on-site interviews for creating problems among the Chinese citizens in the US.

It requested Chinese nationals and Chinese-sponsored  institutions in the US to be vigilant and “ increase awareness and strengthen preventive measures.”

The cautions emerged a day after the education ministry said students and academics were confronting US visa problems and requested them for assessing the risk of visiting the United States.

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