China listens to President Trump’s Phone calls and tries to sway policy, reports - TNBC USA

Chinese spy often listens on United States President Donald Trump when he uses his unsecured cell phone number to chat with his old friends, Beijing uses what it learns to try to sway US policy, reports source on Wednesday. It further cited former and existing US officials.

However, advisors of President Trump have repeatedly warned him to not discuss the confidential matter on cell phones call as expected Russian spy to routinely eavesdrop on his conversations. They reported that Trump still did not listen to give up his cellular phone calls.

Officials report that US spy agencies had learned from foreign government officials and by interrupting communication from foreign officials that Russia and China were listening to calls of US President.

White House immediately did not reply to request for comment about the report.

On the other hand, China has a refined approach towards the intercepted calls and is trying to use them to determine what Trump thinks, whom he listens and how best to sway him citing officials report the source.

Particularly Beijing is trying to use what it learns to avoid the existing trade war between both the nations from escalating further, according to the report.

Chinese officials mainly depend on businessman and others with ties to Beijing to feed viewpoints and arguments to US President’s friends in an effort to pressurize him, reads the report.

This year, concerns over cell phones surveillance have been raised on several issues in Washington. In a written statement, Department of Homeland Security said that several senators in March, which it has examined activity in the state consistent with mobile subscriber’s identity catchers.

At the meeting, an FCC Commissioners said that the issue was serious and surveillance tools may be utilized by foreign spy and criminal.

In June, the Washington Post reported that a federal study found signs of refined cell phones spying near the other sensitive locations and White House last year.

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