China , Huawei Jointly To Escalate Pressure On US and Canada - TNBC USA

The government of China and the leading Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei technologies Ltd, resuming pressure on the Canadian and US governments in a controversy over the trade and telecom technology which has seized Huawei’s CFO who faces US criminal charges.

China charged the Canadian citizen Michael Kovrig who has been detained for stealing state secrets supplied to him from another detained Canadian, businessman Michael Spavor, in a step supposed to escalate tension between Beijing and Ottawa.

The telecom products manufacturer is also composing a lawsuit against the US government over that restraint of its market access.

It was the current emersion of an unprecedented crisis for Huawei, the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer of the world, and second manufacturer of  handsets as Washington invites government around the world for stopping to use its gearwheel, as Washington invites government around the world for stopping using its gear, particularly in the next generation of telecommunication networks, known as 5G.

A business consultant, Spavor with deep ties to Pyongyang, had been trying to declare the international interest in the investment in North Korean economic project. He and Kovrig, a former diplomat, were picked up in December, briefly, after Canada arrested Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou, who confronts deportation to the United States.

The Legal Affairs and Central Political Commission  of the communist party told Kovrig had often entered China using an ordinary passport and business visas, “ stealing and spying on sensitive Chinese information and intelligence via a contact in China.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told about the accusation, “ We are obviously very concerned with this position that China has taken”. He added, “We’ve been engaging and standing up for the two Canadians who have been arbitrarily detained by China from the very beginning. ”




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