SHANGHAI- On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, the country’s weather bureau reported, “Large parts of China are expected to face torrential rain and thunderstorms until Thursday, with some regions at risk of flooding and landslides”.

China’s National Meteorological Center explained, “the rain would hit regions like Yunnan and Tibet in the far west and then move east. Yunnan and Guangdong on the southeast coast were facing rainfall of 100-160 millimeters”. They also said, “Heavy rain is forecast to reach Inner Mongolia, northern China, and the northeast by Friday”.

The state-run bureau reported local governments to take action, to cut off hazardous external power sources and work to prevent floods, landslides, and mudslides in vulnerable regions.

Moreover, according to the news reported by Xinhua news agency, “Typhoon Ewiniar hit southeast China last week, causing landslides that killed five people”, he also added, “Around 73,000 residents have been relocated, and total economic losses stood at nearly 300 million yuan (35.11 million pounds)”.

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