China Desperately wants A Trade Deal With United States :Donald Trump - TNBC USA

During the ongoing Beijing visit of a mega  US devolution directed by its Trade representative Robert Lighthizer to censure an agreement with the Chinese, the US President Donald Trump has told China wants a trade deal with the United States “ Very badly”.

The US President Donald Trump told the reporters after his cabinet conference at the White House, “ Things are going well with China. China wants to make a deal very badly. I want it to be a real deal, not just a deal that makes (it) — you know, cosmetically look good for a year. We have a chance to make a real deal with China”.

A mega American envoys led by Mr Lighthizer is recently in China for the negotiations with his American counter fellow on a  bilateral trade deal, in which the US claims that they require to rectify the deficit of the bilateral trade deal, for preventing the theft policy of intellectual property by China  and coercion of American companies in China.

The US President Donald Trump told he has no plans to meet the Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in the immediate future or at the end of March. He told in a response to a question in this matter, “Not at this moment. We have our people over there now. I just got a report ”.

Citing a position of strength in the United State he told, “ We’ve never been in this position before. We’ve always been a lame duck. We’re not a lame duck anymore. We’ve gone up tremendously in value as a country, in economic value. Tremendously”.

US President also told that China has the record of worst performance in the stock market now in the world, including that it is because of the United States, which has one of the best stock market performance.   He added, “ But we are the best-performing country and we have a lot of potential for further growth”.

Mentioning to the ongoing trade negotiations, the US President told the US is doing very well over conciliations in China and he is happy with all possible consequences of the discussions either way.


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