China Alerts Against Trump’s “Space Command”, Claiming it US “Weaponization” - TNBC USA

China claimed it protested the “weaponization ” of space as it condemned US President Donald Trump’s orders to generate the latest command centre for directing military space operations. Chinese Foreign Ministry representative Hua Chunying claimed, “ China has consistently proposed the peaceful use of space, and opposes the weaponization of space and a space arms race” at press information.

She added, “We oppose even further turning space into the new battleground ”. Trump instructed the creation of “Space Command”, a new enterprising structure within the Pentagon that will have entire control of military space operations.

SpaceCom, as it will definitely come to be known, will be on a similar footing with other US military commands, such as Central Command in the Middle East or Indo-Pacific Command in Asia, and will need a new headquarters as well as leader and deputy leader who will require Senate approval.

It is not the first military space individual suggested by the US President this year. In June, Trump claimed he wanted to generate “Space Force ”, and Coast Guard. He persists such a move is essential to handle the vulnerabilities in space and claimed US superiority in orbit. But its formation is not a complete deal, as it requires to be sanctioned by Congress, and the theory has met with some mistrust from the legislator and the officials of defence cautious of the cost and included administration. China has learned its space proficiency in recent years.

Earlier this month, the country commenced a rebel leading to the far side of the moon, a global first that could enhance the ambitions of Beijing to become a space Superman.

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