Brazilian President’s Son To “Thank” President Trump For Amazon Support - TNBC USA

On Friday, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s son is set to travel to Washington to “thank” the United States President Donald Trump for his immense support during the crisis immediate the devastating fires in Amazon Rainforest.

A Brazilian leader tweets, “Our Minister Ernesto Araujo and Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro will be received this Friday by President Donald Trump at the White House in Washington.”

Eduardo Bolsonaro is hopeful ambassador to the United States.

The leader said, “Brazil and the United States have never been so aligned,” adding that “coordination with the US president was essential for defending Brazil’s sovereignty during the G7 Summit.”

At the conclusion of a recent meeting between the top leaders of the world’s seven most powerful economies, French President Emmanuel Macron hovered the possibility to send aid to assist controlling the proliferation of fires burning in the Amazon.

Amazon Rainforest is the world’s largest and important to a stable global climate, most parts of it is in Brazil.

Macron and Bolsonaro have locked horns number of time over the matter, while President Trump has tweeted his “full and complete support” for the Brazilian President.

On Thursday, Eduardo Bolsonaro has confirmed that he would be accompanying Foreign Minister Araujo to give his “thanks” to the US President.

He said, “The influence of the US within the G7 is essential.”

Eduardo Bolsonaro currently heads the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Chamber of Deputies, reported sources.

President Bolsonaro has said that he is considering appointing his son to be Brazilian Ambassador to the United States and that Washington has already authorized the idea, but he would still need to be officially nominated and then approved by the Senate.

Donald Trump counts his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner among his most senior advisors – effusively praised the idea, saying he thought it would be “a great appointment,” and that “I don’t think its nepotism.”

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