Brazil Becomes Hot Hub Of Space Industry

Brasilia March 15: Brazil will soon become a hot hub for the space industry according to the media sources. Various US companies have already geared up to capture the market of low cost satellites .Brazil’s Alcantara Space Center has already been constructed as a commercial space sport according to the space officials of the country.

The officials of Aerospace Tiitan’s Boeing and Lockheed Martin corporartion jointly paid a visit to the Alcantara Space centre. Experts believe that Brazil will soon become a new hub of space industry. USA is planning to sign a Technology Safeguard Agreement with Brazil to strengthen the bilateral relationships Brazil has opened the door for space companies. Hence the top officials of both of the countries attended a meeting in Brasilia on 22 nd February according to the media sources. Alex Rodliagez , the Vice President of Arizona based vector Inc told the media that they were planning to launch Vector rockets to cater the growing demand of microsatellites.

by TNBC Staff Reporter on March 16, 2018

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