Belgium Prime Minister Charles Michel Names As EU Council Chief - TNBC USA

On Tuesday, Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel was elected by EU leaders as the next chairperson of EU summits, doesn’t believe in hanging around.

Charles Michel to replace Donald Tusk of Poland with the duty of European Council President in the forthcoming years.

In 2014, Charles Michel became the youngster Prime Minister of Belgium, took charge of the office at the age of 38 as the only second premier of Belgium from the French-speaking liberals.

PM Michel was the first Belgium leader to become a father while in the office, his wife’s first pregnancy was disclosed successfully by then United State President Barak Obama during a visit to the White House in 2015. Michel already has an older son from his previous relationship.

Charles Michel is a lawyer by training, studied at Amsterdam and Brussels, entered politics as a Provincial Counsellor aged 18-year and entered the National Parliament at the age of 23.

Currently, he is heading a caretaker administration in the country after a questionable election in May, with discussion on forming a new government continues.

Charles Michel is the oldest son of Louis Michel, who was the EU Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid from 2004 to 2009.

It continued that Michel enjoys cooking and reading on a barbecue but his ultimate passion outside the office is biking, initially did moto cross with mates and is hooking on bike road trips, claims a more direct link with nature offer him a “sensual dimension”.

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