Before Attack Japan Tanker Crew Saw A Flying Object: Company leader - TNBC USA

The crew of a Japan led tanker hit in an indisputable in the Gulf of Oman saw a “flying object” before the second blast on board, said the head operator on Friday. Head of Kokuka Sangyo shipping company told the reporters.

He added, “we have received a report saying that something seems to have flown in, there was an explosion and it created a hole in the body of the ship ”.

Katada had told reporters that the Keokuk Courageous, which was filled with menthol, had suffered two striking attacks.

He claimed after the first, “ our crew members made evasive maneuvers but three hours later it was hit again ”.

On Friday, he said he had not any information about the kind of the first attack on the tanker. The blasts kindled a fire on board, but Katada said Friday there had not been any vital damage. The crew was shifted, with one member suffering minor injuries.

Katada told, “crew members went back to the ship with support of the US military and recovered the backup power source ”.

He also added, “we’ll review the overall damage but we don’t think there’s a possibility it will sink. There’s no damage to the goods and fuel. ”

He added that he believed the primary reports recommending a torpedo was tangled in the attack were incorrect.

He also included, “the damage was above the sea surface. It would have been below water if it was a torpedo. So I think the report is inaccurate. ”

The Keokuk Courageous was stroke around a similar time as another tanker in the area, the Norwegian led Front Altair, which was hit by three explosions as per the Norwegian Maritime Authority.

There has been no allegation of responsibility for the blasts, with Iran declining US claims of Tehran’s involvement.

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