At New York Auction Soviet-Era ‘Moon Rocks’ Sell For $855,000 - TNBC USA


Three pieces of rocks recovered from the moon by a space mission of Soviet Russia in 197 were sold for $855, 000 at the auction in New York. An auction by Sotheby’s said, “ moon rocks” are only considered documented lunar matter in private hands. They were recommended for sale by an unrecognized private American collector who procured them at auction in 1993 for $442,500.

According to Sotheby, the buyer was another private American collector, but the name was not revealed. The lunar samples initially belonged to Nina Ivanovna Koroleva, the widow of director of the Soviet space program. They were accorded to her as a gift on behalf of the Soviet Union in the identification of her husband’s offerings to the program.

The particles were recovered in September in 1970 by the anonymous Luna-16, which dug a hole in the surface to a profundity of 13.8 inches and removed a core sample, the auction house said in a statement.

Most of the other recognized samples recovered from the moon last with the two entities that gathered them: the United States during Apollo 11-17 missions and the Soviet Union during the Apollo 11-17 missions and the Soviet Union via the anonymous Luna -16, Luna-20 and Luna-24 missions.

Collected pay great amount sums for space exploration artefacts. In the last year, Sotheby sold an inscribed bag embossed with the words” Lunar Sample Return” entangled with moon dust which was used by Neil Armstrong for the first manned mission to the moon in 1969 for $1.8 million.

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