The North Korean leader  Kim Jong-un received a letter from the US President Donald Trump. The primed familiar proceeding based discussions on the matter of denuclearization between Pyongyang and Washington are informed to the renowned news agency. The letter contains the detailing negotiations of both sides in the second meeting between two global leaders. It was originated to Pyongyang and delivered by hand, according to the resource.

According to the source, the former intelligence Chief of North Korea, Kim Yong Chol, one of the top negotiator of Pyongyang could take around a tour to Washington for finalizing the details of the next meeting.

In the last week, President of South Korea, Moon Jae threw his assistance behind another meeting between Kim-Trump, claiming it would be a revolving point “that will firmly solidify peace on the Korean Peninsula ”.

In the last visit of Beijing, Kim said that Pyongyang will give efforts for the next summit with the US leader to acquire results that will be greeted by the international community.

North Korea will carry on pushing to the stance of denuclearization and settling the Korean Peninsula matter through consultation and dialogue.

Kim and Trump held a historic meeting in last June in Singapore where they made the agreement for working towards denuclearization in return for security guarantees from Washington. Discussions are recently impeded due to lack of a clear escalation road map.

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