As Chinese President Scheduled Trip, North Korea Praises China Ties

As Chinese President Scheduled Trip, North Korea Praises China Ties

North Korea acclaimed its ties with its historically China on Friday, as Chinese President Xi Jinping scheduled his two-day long extremely symbolic tour to his nuclear-armed neighbor, with both countries confronting stalemate in their bargaining with US President Donald Trump.

Kim Jong Un told the Chinese President that his visit was a possibility for demonstrating “the immutability and invincibility of the DPRK-China friendship before the world ”, reported by the media, using the contraction of the official name of North Korea.

At the time, while KCNA said, “serious and complicated changes are happening in international and regional situations ”, the two leaders agreed to ” promote close strategic communication” and develop their common interests.

Pyongyang dragged all the stops for welcoming Xi, the first Chinese President for visiting in 14 years – in a period in which Pyongyang has conducted five nuclear tests and introduced missiles capable of reaching the US mainland.

China always prefers steadiness in its neighborhood and the nuclear provocations of North Korea pinched the bonding between the cold war allies, with Beijing supporting UN approvals on Pyongyang and Kim not intending to pay his respect for more than six years after devising power.

But as he landed on a rush of diplomacy last year, Kim ensured that Xi – whose nation is the diplomatic supporter of North Korea and main supplier of trade and aid – was the first leader of the state he met.

Kim visited China three times more for meeting with Xi, and Pyongyang has been increasingly piercing for the Chinese President to reciprocate.

Analysts claim, Xi, who left Pyongyang, intending to use the trip as a signal to the US President of his influence with Kim, a week before the G20 summit in Japan.

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