As A Response To US Diplomatic Moves, China Aims FedEx - TNBC USA

China aimed FedEx amid the increasing trade war with the United States, giving an indication about the blacklisting of the foreign companies as “unreliable”. After the rescinding on trading, the United States with Chinese telecom company Huawei, the Chinese State News agency framed the probe into the “misleading delivery of packages” of FedEx as a warning from Beijing, as the information of China’s scenario spilling.

According to a Chinese official, the government is strictly against the United State’s “long-arm” dominion in Huawei, while executing the concerns that the planned list of the unreliable entities will be used to aim the foreign companies as a vengeance tool in the trade war. For designating an unreliable foreign establishment, China will check whether it differentiates against the domestic companies, the state-led Xinhua claimed Saturday. Other considerations will be breaches of market rules, defying of contact, an effect caused to Chinese firms and actual or potential threats to national security.

The signals of the latest salvo which there is no ending of diplomatic war between the two largest economic power of the world at a time while discussions have broken down. Chinese concerns of the retaliatory attack on US products kicked in Saturday, affecting more than 2,400 goods which face levies of as much as 25% compared with 10% previously.

China accused the United States of the collapsing of the trade discussions and claimed it won’t twist under maximum pressure for making concessions. The trade war has not “ made the US great again”, and while China is not interested in a dilemma, it won’t shrink away from one, as per to awhile white paper on its negotiations with the US.

China informed Friday that it will make a list of “unreliable entities”  which affect the economic interests of the Chinese companies. It makes the way to aiming a broad swath of the international tech industry, from US giants such as Google, Qualcomm, and Intel to non-American suppliers which have cut-off Huawei, like Toshiba and Arm.

FedEx has expressed regret for the delivery errors on Huawei packages after the reports which packages were sent back to the sender, the biggest Chinese tech companies told it is reviewing its relationship with the US delivery service. Two packages keeping in documents being transferred to China from Japan have led away to the US  delivery services.

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