Another Blackout Hit Venezuela, Maduro Blames “Attack” On Electric Supply System - TNBC USA

Venezuela accused an “attack” on its electric supply system for a prolonging blackout on Monday. This is the second time blackout condition on the OPEC nation in this month, along with decaying business infrastructures, plunging the airport into profound darkness and leaving passengers stranded in the capital.

In the early afternoon of Monday, power cut plunged most of the region of Caracas . as well as a dozen of nearby states. Thrilling memories of a week-long power-cut in the month, that was the most crucial in the history of the country.

Service was brought back in so many regions within hours on Monday and Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez told in a telecast that power was being “progressively ”brought back.

Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez also said, “We have suffered a new attack on our national electricity system’s load and transmission center today ”, including that the event had “ similar characteristics” to the attack of March 7.

The electricity failure emerged as the country is going through a deep political crisis after National Assembly President  Juan Guaido cited the constitution to presume the provisional presidency in January, contending that the re-election of Maduro in 2018 was illegitimate.

Self-declared Venezuelan President Juan Guaido has got the acknowledgment as the justified leader of Venezuela by most of the Western countries, including the United States. Nicholas Maduro, a socialist leader who took over the crown of the Presidentship in 2013 and also supported by China and Russia, proclaims that Juan Guaido is a puppet of US and instigating the dethroning movement against him.

Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez did not accuse directly any particular political group. He told, “the intention of Venezuela’s far-right is to attack, generate anxiety and anguish, in order to seize power and steal all our resources. ”

After the restoration of the reliable power source, the blackout occurred frequently following a prolonging blackout which started on March 7. Incidentally, Nicholas Maduro accused that vulnerable electric supply system caused due to deliberate “cyber attack” by the United States, but local expert claimed that it happened due to lack of maintenance for many years.

Shops closed as soon as possible across the country to be safe from the probable robbing in the dark condition. Authorities informed that Caracas subway was padlocking due to lack of power. The streets of the city were crowded with people who are returning home on foot and crowded buses in which people are hanging from the sides.

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