Agreements Signed Pakistan, China on the Space Exploration Technology, And Crew Led Missions

Agreements Signed Pakistan, China on the Space Exploration Technology, And Crew Led Missions

Pakistan and China have made an agreement on space voyages of exploration, remarking the latest phase in space science cooperation along with crew-led missions between the all-weather allies.

They signed an agreement on 27th April, during the visit of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to China for the 2nd Belt and Road Forum, claimed by the China National Space Administration in a statement. The space agreement will serve as a high-level potentiality in space science and exploration. Both nations will control scientific, as well as technological proceedings, astronaut training methodology, along with crew-led space applications and achievements transformations.

The space exploration deal between Pakistan and China also becomes familiar on the heels of the successful Anti-Satellite  Missile Test of India last month. The test pushed India to gain the fourth position as the nation which explores in space across the world, after acquiring the strategic potential of Russia, China, the US for shooting down the rival satellites. China has held such a test in 2007, in January while its anti-satellite missile ruined a weather satellite.   Under the agreement, Pakistan and the CNSA and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission will found a Pakistan-China space committee led by top officials from both nations to address prospective coordination issues.

China has a top-end space programme along with the successful crew-led campaign, as well as space exploration missions to the Moon. China is also building its space station which was supposed to be ready at the end of 2022. It has also revealed plannings to send spacecraft to Jupiter and Mars.

State led Global Times explained as per the information of the experts, “ the newly-signed space exploration agreement between China and Pakistan on manned space missions manifests their more profound cooperation on the peaceful uses of outer space”.

Since Pakistan becoming of the all-weather friend of China, it is willing to assign how to guide technological development on the exploration of space technology, Lan Jianxue, an associate research fellow at the Institute of International Studies at China, informed by the national media.

It also claimed, “China-Pakistan space cooperation will help Pakistan in terms of satellite monitoring of natural disasters and agricultural production, land, and resources surveying, and waste handling in a microgravity environment ”, including that China will also benefit from the cooperation, for the space technology-based commercial applications for potential security investment and counter-terrorism.

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