After US Military Exercised with India, gained from each other

After US Military Exercised with India, gained from each other

Army force of the United States and India gained a lot from each others’ experience in various operational fields during a fortnight joint military exercise in Uttarakhand, reports a senior US Army Officials.

The joint annual exercise of India-US was named ‘Yudh Abhyas’ organized from September 12 to September 29 in Almore District of Chaubati.

The exercise witnessed participation of 23rd Infantry Regiment of the US Army and infantry battalion of the Indian Army.

It stated that “We had a series of objectives for this exercise. We split it into two portions: A field training exercise from soldier up to battalion-brigade level.”

After US Military Exercised with India, gained from each other |

Major General William H Graham, Jose Base Lewis-McChord and Deputy Commanding General I Crops while interaction with source said that “The second part of the exercise that ran concurrently was a simulation driven command post exercise. That was at my level and the brigade level.”

The situation that herds the command post exercise was an UN-based humanitarian peacekeeping situation set in an imaginative nation, he said.

He further described the scenario as ‘quite complex’ and also examined the ability of the soldiers from both the nations to organize, plan and execute such a complex operation.

He narrated the experience as “My staffs were half American and half Indian. We mixed the soldiers together in field training as well into combined companies and they did a series of training exercise and demonstrations and the soldiers learned from each other how to do their war-fighting tasks.”

In the Yudh Abhyas series, this year’s exercise was 14. The Yudh Abhyas started in the year 2004 under the US Army Pacific Partnership Programme. This practice will help army personnel to strengthen and widen the interoperability and cooperation between two countries army force, last week Indian Army stated in a statement.

It stated that “India has a wealth of experience in peacekeeping operations in the northeast and northwest as well as extensive in Africa, particularly in Congo. The United States has extensive experience in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.”

“It was tremendous to be able to draw at the solider level…different tactics, different techniques, different procedures and how to accomplish the same tasks when they do in slightly different ways. We learned a tremendous amount from Indian soldiers and I believe they learned a similar amount from us,” it added.



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