After Red Cross Meeting President Nicolas Maduro Claims Venezuela Ready For Aid - TNBC USA

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro told the country was all set to receive international aid following a summit in Caracas with the Chief of global Red Cross. Nicolas Maduro wrote on Twitter, “We confirm our readiness to establish cooperation mechanisms for international assistance and support ”.

The Venezuelan President, who refuses to admit that the current situation in Venezuela is equivalent to a humanitarian crisis, repeated after the meeting that collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross should respect “the Venezuelan legal order”.

An ICRC commission directed by its President Peter Maurer has been in the South American country since Saturday and is due to end its visit on Wednesday.

Last Friday, the ICRC said in a statement, it was “ concerned by the serious impact that the current situation has on Venezuelans, especially those who do not have access to basic services.”

Venezuela is going through a deepening political crisis, with the opposition leader Juan Guaido announcing himself in charge President in January.

He has since been acknowledged by more than 50 countries, specifically by the United States, which gives the indication to Nicholas Maduro to leave his throne.

Along with its collapsing crude exports, as well as international approval piling, the oil-rich economy of Venezuela has affected badly. Different kind of disease emerged by starvation and Malnutrition are on the peak ratio on the lifestyle.

Venezuelan President  Nicholas Maduro accuses  US enforcement of the deepening crisis of the country, while Juan Guaido claims they are suffering for emerging corruption and poor governance.

As per the claim of the United Nations, around a quarter of the 30 million Venezuelans require immediate help.

A UN report told 3.7 million people are suffering as victims of malnutrition, and at least 22 percent of children under five suffer from chronic hunger.

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