After emergency meeting, Canada and United States reached for NAFTA Deal - TNBC USA

Yesterday, the United States and Canadian negotiators reached a deal over the reformation of the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), reports Canadian reporter.

A high-level American source has been cited by CTV as the two sides had reached to an agreement and both of their statements were expected.

Another ‘senior source’ reports the confirmation of the deal, which had been reached over important sections of a new NAFTA.

As per the agreement words, an emergency cabinet meeting at 10:00 pm was called by the Prime Minister of Canada, Justice Trudeau- two hours before of a midnight deadline for seeking the text of a revised agreement to the United States Congress.

United President Donald Trump has triggered a review of the Trade pact of 1994 and talks between Canada, United States, and Mexico started from last August and Trump called it “one of the worst trade deals in history.”



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