Accusing Trump For Blackout, Venezuela Fixed Deadline of 72 Hours For US Staffs For Leaving Venezuelan Soil - TNBC USA

Venezuela dictated the US diplomats for leaving the country within 72 hours on Tuesday after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro charged the US President for the involvement in cyber “sabotage” which pushed the OPEC nation Venezuela into the record leveling blackout circumstances.

Foreign minister Jorge Arreaza told the US diplomats should leave surely the soil from Venezuela within three days, after discussions prolonging diplomatic “interest sections” between the two countries.

The current Venezuelan government told in a statement, “ The presence on Venezuelan soil of these officials represents a risk for the peace, unity, and stability of the country,” the government said in a statement”.

The US State Department had declared it will pull back its staff on the soil of Venezuela in this week, claiming that their appearance had become “a constraint on US policy”.

Washington is leading the acknowledgment campaign of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the justified President after the declaration of an interim Presidentship by the 35 years old Congress Chief opposition Venezuelan leader, in January claiming 2018 re-election by Maduro’s insistence was fraud.

Possessing the control of the national military and retaining the enactment by the other supportive states such as Russia, China, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro condemned the opposition leader Juan Guaido as a puppet controlled by the United States.

According to the ratio presented by the nongovernmental organization of Doctors for Health, Julio Castro 24 people have died in public hospitals since the starting period of the blackout.

In the sixth day of the blackout, the hospitals are facing the crisis of scrapping equipment, along with food rotting problems due to tropical heat, as well as the main oil terminal of the country were shut down.

The Venezuelan opposition-led Congress announced a symbolic “ state of alarm” on Monday. Power supply became normal on Tuesday in most of the region of the country, including the victim areas where power supply had been disrupted since last Thursday, as per the information from the social platform. But power was out still in the several parts of the capital of Caracas and the Western region near the border of Colombia.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused Washington of instituting the unfavorable condition exactly what was plotted by the US in a form of rational cyber attack on the hydroelectric power operations of Venezuela.

Maduro claimed in an address in the Presidential palace of Miraflores on Monday night, “ Donald Trump is most responsible for the cyber attack on the Venezuelan electricity system”. He also added, “ This is a technology that only the government of the United States possesses.”

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