9 students were killed in a bomb blast at an Afghan religious school - TNBC USA

Afghan security officials informed that a mortar bomb blast took place inside a religious school in northern Afghanistan. The deadly attack has killed at least nine students and that most of them were aged under 18.

Police spokesman Khali Asir said today, “The initial investigation shows that the blast was caused by a mortar that had somehow been carried inside the madrasah.” Apart from that six students have been wounded in the blast that took place in the Ishkamish district of Takhar Province, Asir added..

The consequences and the casualties were confirmed by provincial governor spokesman Jawad Hejri. The blast comes after two deadly blasts this month targeted mosques in Kabul. On June 12, four people died in a bomb blast at a mosque in the capital during Friday Prayers. Just a week before the incident, a prominent imam along with another person died in an explosion in the heavily fortified Green Zone.

As per reports, the latest attack was carried out even after Taliban says it remains committed to an agreement signed with the United States in February. The landmark deal provides for the withdrawal of U.S. troops and is intended to pave the way for peace talks between the Taliban and the U.S.-backed government in Kabul.

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