7 kids from same family died in House fire in Canada - TNBC USA

On Tuesday, 7 kids from the same family have lost their lives in a House fire on Atlantic Coast of Canada, reports police.

According to sources, the victims, who lost their lives were all Syrian refugees.

Halifax Police was investigating the cause of the devastating flame, said that “there are seven fatalities resulting from the incident,” said in a statement.

It continued that “all deceased are believed to be young children from the same family. A woman and a man remain in hospital.”

A neighbor, Danielle Burt told source that she heard the sound of a blast in the middle of the night and then found the flames ravaging the home.

Mr. Burt further said that “I heard a huge bang, and I was laying in bed with my daughter, followed by a woman screaming, so I jumped up out of bed and looked out the back window and all I could see was flames shooting out from the back door going out onto their deck.”

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