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Marxian marine reports that they have found an underground lab of drugs in the mountains outside the Sinaloa state capital. And they have damaged 50 tonnes of methamphetamine there.

After the intelligence reports of the suspected lab, marines discovered the mountain lab with hidden 50 tonnes of drugs, which is been produced in Alcoyonqui municipality area. The area is about 19km (12 miles) outside of Culiacan’s state capital, stated the Navy Ministry in a statement.

Navy Ministry provided photographs as a proof and in it, 2 marines in hazmat suits are found, who are evaluating dozens of containers in a mountain forest.

50 Tonnes of Drugs discovered from the Underground Lab | tnbclive.com

The statement reads that the drugs were kept underground hidden with barrels full of chemicals in two areas, which is used to produce meth. Due to the trouble to access the remote locations, the drugs were destroyed on site, reports ministry.

Major methamphetamine is supplied by Mexico to the United States. Mexico is also the top source of heroin that is fuelling a surge in opioid addiction. The nation is also the main highway for cocaine trafficked north.

Sinaloa is mainly controlled by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, which is the seat of the potent cartel. Later this year, it will face trial in the United States.

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