24 Killed by Gunmen in a Maternity Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan - TNBC USA

Today, three gunmen entered a maternity hospital in Kabul and attacked people. Mothers, newborn babies and nurses were among the victims. The health ministry said, the number of deaths by the attack has risen to 24  and at  least 16 people were injured.

The attack of Tuesday was widely condemned and no none has taken the responsibility of the attack. But, President Ashraf Ghani has blamed both the Taliban and the Islamic State group for the shameful attack. Ghani also blamed the two groups for a suicide bombing in the country’s restive east which happened shortly after the hospital assault.

The gunmen stormed the maternity hospital where several parents bought infants and children for appointments.The Afghan security forces carried the  infants away from the spot and one was reportedly wrapped in a blood-soaked blanket. After that the security forces killed the attackers in a lengthy operation. 

“In order to provide security for public places and to thwart attacks and threats from the Taliban and other terrorist groups, I am ordering Afghan security forces to switch from an active defense mode to an offensive one and to start their operations against the enemies,” the Afghan President said in a televised speech.

On Wednesday, Afghanistan’s Deputy Health Minister Waheed Majroh confirmed that at least 24 people were killed in the attack and another 16 wounded. The authorities had earlier said 14 people died.

The Kabul attack started at 05:30 GMT ir 10:00 on Tuesday and the locals described that they heard two blasts then gunfire. Afghan special forces have rescued 100 women and children, including three foreigners. As per reports, the three attackers gained access dressed as police officers. 

“The unconscionable war crimes in Afghanistan today… must awaken the world to the horrors civilians continue to face.”

“Who attacks newborn babies and new mothers? Who does this?” tweeted Debra Lyons, the head of the UN mission in Afghanistan.

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