11 Passengers of Emirates Airline are in Hospital and Suspected to be Infected by Flu Virus - TNBC USA

Officials informed, 11 passengers who were flying on an Emirates airline flight, had taken to a hospital of New York City as they were severely feeling sick and few symptoms like flu were observed by the crew, during the 14 hour trip from the Middle East.


Dr Oxiris Barbot, the Health Commissioner of New York City said that the symptoms of the hospitalized passengers such as a cough, fever, vomiting indicate Influenza. The report of ongoing laboratory tests on respiratory samples can confirm the right cause of their sickness.


Barbot also explained that recently, some passengers had presented in the annual Haj pilgrimage in the Muslim Holy City of Mecca of  the Arabian Peninsula and report says that severe flu virus was spread in that region, so most probably these current symptoms of illness was observed for the transmission of the virus among the passengers during this long flight journey.

She also added that the condition of the hospitalized patients was stable and no one needed any kind of extreme medical attention.

Barbot also said that any kind of physical interaction with suffered passengers can be infectious as the interval between the exposure of the virus and the revelation of the symptoms is basically one to seven days.

The transmission of the flu virus through the respiratory emission spread by sneezing and coughing. The virus is breathed by others or plucked from the surfaces of hands and then rapidly rubbed into mouth, nose and eyes.

Along with 521 passengers, the Emirates airliner had to land at the John F. Kennedy International Airport, at a mid-morning in the emergency basis. The landed flight was surrounded by a series of emergency vehicles as the suffered passengers were waiting for an emergency health check-up by the health officials.

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