A Person Climbing the Statue Of Liberty- Watch Video Here

Person Spotted Climbing Up Statue Of Liberty: Watch Video

New York (News Service) – The New York police have arrested the woman who was trying to climb up the Statue of Liberty after 2 hours.

Later the Liberty Island was cleared on the order of the U.S Parks Police after the woman was identified as ‘Therese Patricia Okoumou’ 44 residing in Staten Island. She was making attempting to climb the statue and had already reached its base.

Sometimes the 44-year-old waved a black t-shirt at the crowd, while at other times she was found lying facing the ground and kicking her feet in the air. The t-shirt had a graphic printed on it that read ‘Rise and Resist’ and ‘Trump Care Makes Us Sick.’

“The turning point was once we could safely go up. You know, I explained to her that we want you to come down that would be the best way. I think the turning point has we had a good rapport with her. And when we got her she couldn’t go any further and I think she realized that her time was up there,” said Detective Glacken.

After the Liberty Island was cleared the visitors were safely shifted to the island through a ferry.

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