Woman Sues The Social Media with The Allegation of Rape by Facebook Friend - TNBC USA

A woman from Texas filed a lawsuit against the social media and also alleged their executives who were least concerned about the trap of sex trafficking trading misusing their platform, claiming that in her 15 she was brutally beaten, raped, as well as sexually trafficked by a brothel operator who seemed to her as a facebook friend.

Being identified as Jane Doe in the Court papers suited in Harris County District Court in Houston, she specified the names of the defendants who are currently shutdown website of classified ad Backpage.com and its founders.

The social media giant did not reply to any comment.

The solicitor of the Backpage.com and the ex-employees specified in the litigation as defendants also did not call back for the response.

As per the litigation, the woman was added on Facebook in 2012 as a user who presented to know her multiple real-life friends. The man sent message her through Facebook which was observed by the Reuters, according to the agitators.

The litigation informed the whole mess was started following a dispute with her mother and the trafficker was acting as the well-wisher to console her but after picking her from her home, she was beaten, raped and blackmailed with the images taken during rape and was also defamed through the posting of the rape images on Backpage.com.

The litigation complained Facebook has lack of the proper system for the verification of user’s identity but it is falsely claimed by legal authorities and they questioned why Jane Doe was never warned that the sex trafficking traders were steering their network on the social media.

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