The White House strictly alerted the traders not too involved in any dealing with Venezuelan gold or oil as these items are under strict enforcement of stringent sanctions targeted to drive the socialist President Nicolas Maduro from power.

US National Security Advisor John Bolton posted on Twitter, that the trade dealers should not be involved in any kind of dealing with oil, gold, and other commodities “being stolen” from the Venezuelan people, as the rivals of the Maduro’s government distressed that a Russia-operated plane had transported gold out of Caracas.

According to the officials of White House, US President Donald Trump talked about to the self-declared interim President, Juan GGuido by phone, repeating backing for his , “ fight to regain democracy”.

In one side , the struggle for taking control of Venezuela, an n OPEC member who has the biggest oil reserves of the world  but is in da dreadful financial crisis, Guaido and the Western sponsors led by the United States are persisting on an urgent transition and fresh elections. On the other, Nicolas Maduro, with support from Russia, Turkey and China claims he will remain for his second six-year term despite charges of fraud in his re-election proceedings in the last year and the economic shutdown.

The struggle of Venezuela for paying its debts even to allies China and Russia among a sharp drop in oil output has been intensified by the new approvals, which will make it very tough to sell oil to its direct client, the United States.

In that scenario, the suspected arrival of a Boeing 777 plane in Caracas from Moscow, led to forecast about Maduro’s was transferring more gold for reserving out of the country, citing the shipments of $900 million of gold to Turkey in the last year. That was the part of the strategy for boosting the availability of liquid assets of the Central bank.

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