White House Speaker Nancy Pelocy Wants To See US President in Prison - TNBC USA

US White House Representative, Nancy Pelosi professed to fellow Democrats in a confidential meeting on whether to initiate impeachment proceedings against the US President, US President Donald Trump should be sent to “prison”.

The political nemesis of the US President in Congress, Nancy Pelocy has long described that she is not ready for proceeding with what would be a profound divisive impeachment action and that she would prefer to see the President struck at the pilling next year.

But in the meeting on Tuesday with the White House committee chairman, she clashed with Judiciary chairman  Jerry Nadler over whether to start an impeachment inquiry, using language which outraged the surrounding top Democrats and Trump.

According to Politico which mentioned several familiar  Democratic sources with the meeting, White House Representative Nancy Pelocy said, “I don’t want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison ”.

White House representatives Nancy Pelocy favors seeing the US President lose the election in 2020 and then confront prosecution for his alleged crimes, according to the sources of the US media outlet.

According to most of the Democrat, they believe the US President broke the law by allegedly requesting to impede the investigations into the interruptions of Russia in the 2016 US election.

He is also in charge of paying pre-election soundless money to two women who claimed to have affairs with the US President, and of breach constitutional bans on the Presidents receiving financial benefits from foreign governments.

White House representative Nancy Pelocy has contended that initiating an impeachment probe should only be done if there is enough public support and crucial bipartisan support.

Polls presented a majority of Americans currently oppose impeachment, and to date, only one White House Republican has expressed support for eliminating the President.

Strategic communications director, Mercedes Schlapp offered an acerbic response being questioned on the matter of Pelosi’s “prison”  comment.

Strategic communications director, Mercedes Schlapp told the media, “ how shocking. The Democrats are radical and out of touch”.

He also added, “ they’re more focused on attacking this President, undermining this President than they are to solving the country’s major problems.”

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