White House Claimed Trump Has “1 Official iPhone” Rejecting Fake NYT Report - TNBC USA

The White House has sacked The New York Times which reported that US President Donald Trump uses three cell phones clarifying that he use only the official iPhone from government and then the security level of the handset follows the best industry terms.

Specifying the US intelligence agencies, The New York Times reported that Russia and China monitor the activities of US President due to his uses of the insecure cellphone to “gossip, gripe or solicit” his friends.

US President labelled the NYT report as a “fake story” and also claimed that he uses his cellphone very rarely.


The US daily New York Times clarifies their story but the White House and Donald Trump challenged about the authenticity of the story released in the daily and claimed for proper investigation of the story.

Citing the anonymous officials of the government, the New York Daily professed that two iPhone which is used for official purpose and also have been revamped by the National Security Agency to restrict their abilities, as well as impotency and the third one which is common like the hundreds of millions of iPhones has been used around the world.

The New York Times repeated that Russia and China have listened and also analysed the conversation of US President with his friends through these cell phones.

The Deputy Press Secretary of White House, Hogan Gidley said, “ The article written by the New York Times presented inaccurate information about the President’s cell phone and its usage. The President does not have three cellular phones. He has one official government iPhone”.

He said, “ This phone security follows industry best practices and is closely managed under government supervision in conjunction with recommendations from industry partners”.

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