U.S. sending 1,600 immigration detainees to federal prisons - TNBC USA

Washington/ San Francisco (News Service) – The United States authorities are passing the buck into federal prisons around 1,600 Customs Enforcement and Immigration (ICE) inmates told Reuters on Thursday. The first large scale of use of federal prisons in order to hold the detainees between a Trump administration crush on people who illegally make an entrance into the United States.

An ICE agent told TNBC that five federal prisons will ad interim take in detainees who are anticipating civil immigration that include court hearings, potential asylum seekers with one prison in California, Victorville, creating space for 1,000 people.

The U.S President has been building a tough stance on immigration as inherent part of his rule. He also assured that he would make arrangements for building a wall along the U.S Mexican border in order to bring on the flow of immigrants.

The former ICE assistant director Kelvin Landy was accountable for the Office of Detention Policy and Planning under the administration of the former U.S President Obama.

“A large percent of ICE detainees have no criminal record and are more vulnerable in a prison setting – security staff and administrators at BOP facilities have spent their careers dealing with hardened criminals serving long sentences for serious felonies, and the procedures and staff training reflect that,” he said. “This sudden mass transfer could result in some serious problems.”

“To meet this need, ICE is collaborating with the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS), the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), private detention facility operators and local government agencies,” – said the ICE spokeswoman Dani Bennett.

About 51,000 people were nabbed at the southern border in April 2018. However, a new agreement is more likely to be signed up by the Justice Department and the ICE which would make around 1,600 beds available and is being foreseen to last around 120 days.

“Everyone is running around like a chicken without their head.”- said, Kostelnik. “There is so much movement going on”- he added.

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