Washington (News Service) – The Justice Department of United States announced on Monday that it would overture against the U.S President Donald Trump outlawing him to bar the Twitter users from his account on the social networking service as per a court filing.

A lawyer for the seven plaintiffs Jameel Jaffer who pulled off said that he @realDonaldTrump Twitter ID had unblocked the seven plaintiffs on Monday.

“We’re pleased that the White House unblocked our clients from the President’s Twitter account but disappointed that the government intends to appeal the district court’s thoughtful and well-supported ruling,” – said Jaffer.

However, the White House took time to respond. The account status of the seven plaintiffs was confirmed by the justice spokeswoman. The U.S President has made his Twitter Account with over 52 million followers which had been intrinsic and dubious of his presidency, making use of its presidency and also promoted his agenda.

Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald the District Judge of the United States ruled on May 23, that a government official cannot block users from their official account. She added that this violated the human right of speech as the masses are free to express their views and opinion via the public forums.

Cohen a user who was blocked from the U.S president’s account 12 months back, tweeted late Monday “We whined. We complained. We sued. We won our First Amendment lawsuit in federal court. And now @realDonaldTrump has unblocked me. Wow!”

“@realDonaldTrump 368 days and a win in court and now I AM BACK!!!” – tweeted Neely.

The argument by the Justice Department was jilted by Buchwald. She said that the owner first Amendment of the U.S President enabled him to cast aside individuals from whom he did not wish to interact. Trump could mute the tweets of the users instead of blocking them from the social media.

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