Washington to conduct mail-in voting for the upcoming November election. - TNBC USA

To minimize in-person contact at the polling booths amid the Pandemic, the US has decided to send all voters mail-in ballots for the upcoming November election.

The D.C Board Of Elections (DCBOE) announced it will hold the election as a universal mail-in election method. This means all active voters would receive a mail-in poll ballot without any request. The move was endorsed by the city council and the mayor. The DCBOE said it would work with a private mailing house to ensure the ballots get to all voters.

This does not mean that there won’t be a in-person voting option. Ballots will start to be mailed in early October, after which point voters can return them in the mail or via dropbox. The week before the election there will also be in-person early voting and there will be polling places open in D.C. on Election Day as well.

According to the authority, voters must register by Oct. 13 in order to have their ballot mailed to them. If a voter does not receive a ballot by Oct. 21 they should expect to vote in-person. Voters can vote in-person at an early voting location or on Election Day. There are same-day registration options for voters who vote early in-person or on Election Day.

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