Utah couple taunted 3-years-old daughter starved till death - TNBC USA

A couple from Utah may be hanged till death for allowing their toddler starve to death. They filmed themselves taunting their daughter with food before she finally died.
In July 2017, 3-years-old Angelina Costello was found dead after the report of Ogden authorities that she stopped breathing. After she died, her arms, legs, head were covered in bruises, open laceration and sores report PEOPLE.
At present, prosecutors demanded death penalty against the child’s parents, 23-years-old Brenda Emile her mother and 25-years-old Miller Costello her father, both have been charged with infuriated murder, said NBC 4.
Police Station after examination reports that Angelina lived “a life of torture”.
Video, which was discovered later on by investigators allegedly show Angelina’s parents taunting her by withholding food, the affirmative state.
As per as Desert news, in one of the video, Angelina was founded forced to feed her other sibling, who was unlike her, healthy and unharmed. In another video, she was found offered by her mother with some eggs and then suddenly she took it back and says, “Haha, no food for you,” reports NBC 4.
One of the detectives even defined the life of the child, resembled Holocaust survivor, reports Desert News. Several detectives reported the extreme condition Angelina every day has to face before her death was terrifying.
Emile, Angelina’s mother finally admitted that she had used make-up to hide the injuries of her toddler and says, “So they didn’t look so bad.”
Fox 13 reports that the couple has pleaded not guilty to charges but both held in Jail of Weber Country without permitting bail.
The couple’s attorney is not that easy to reach for comment, say PEOPLE on Tuesday. Calls to the Attorney office of Weber County were not returned immediately.

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