US Woman Punished For Killing 3-Year-Old Daughter To “Remove Demons” - TNBC USA

On Thursday, a woman from California has been sentenced to 25-years of imprisonment for taking lives of her 3-year-old daughter, who was left in a “hot car” for around 10-hours to cleanse her of demons, said officials. 

Angela Phakhin has been accused in June of the first-degree killing of her daughter Maiya, and the punishment was announced last Friday, said the District Attorney’s Office in Sacramento. 

Ms. Phakhin’s fiance, Untwan Smith has also been accused in the case. Therefore, he is awaiting trial. 

Ms. Phakhin and Mr. Smith left for California in February 2016, and were dwelling in their car, reports authorities.  

Over a time of two week in June 2017, the couple has subjected their daughter to extreme hot temperature, it said. 

On one certain occasion, Maiya was left in a hot car for four and a-half-hours and the following day for around nine hours, which resulted in her unnatural death, said the prosecutors. 

He continued, “Phakhin had been warned repeatedly to protect Maiya and was advised to take her to a cooling shelter, but she did not accept the offer,” adding that, “after Maiya’s death, Phakhin told law enforcement that she and Smith were trying to remove the lustful demons from Maiya.”

The convicted couple were detained on June 28, 2017 in Rancho Cordova, North of San Francisco, after their SUV was spotted been parked in the wrong direction. 

Officers have started searching the vehicle after a record check revealed that Mr. Smith had an outstanding arrest warrant in Arkansas. 

The victim was found underneath the blankets in the back seat of the SUV and was pronounced dead at the spot. 

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